Orpheus and Euridice, 2009, colour pencils and pin-pricks on paper, 100cmx150cm.


Arcadian Landscapes, At the Watermill, Fishing Day, Washing Day, Orpheus and Eurydice, Hunting Trip, A Hunter’s Rest, Bucolic I, Bucolic II. In these works (not all shown here) the images are derived from paintings by artists such as Boucher, Poussin etc., which could potentially be used as motifs for tapestries, cushions, embroidery etc. I use color pencils to draw on the surface of the paper, in a way that imitates threads in embroidery, while on the back side of the paper I puncture the paper with a pin, in order to create a relief effect. I use paper not as a drawing surface, but in the way we use fabric in embroidery. The way these two relief effects are combined -the texture itself-, may either hide or reveal part of the image. I am interested in the texture of the work, but also the “hidden” image, which appears or disappears behind and within its texture.








A Summer Pastoral, 2010
graphite pencil and pin-pricks on paper, 40cmx55cm.




At the Watermill, 2008
colour pencils and pin-pricks on paper, 35cmx35cm





Arcadian Landscape II
, 2006,
pin-pricks on paper, 30cmx40cm.

Arcadian Landscape I , 2006,
pin-pricks on paper, 30cmx40cm.



Hunting Scene, 2007,
colour pencils and pin-pricks on paper,


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