, 2011
Pasta letters, wall paint and graphite on mdf, dimensions variable
installation view from solo show Instead of Writing at EMST, Athens

This work is named after Montecristo, the quintessential literary prisoner. The prisoner’s diary is his cell, the walls of his cell are the pages.
I used pasta letters and pasted them on the wall, then smudged graphite on top of them. The idea was to make the trace of his bed in the corner, like the trace furniture or frames leave on the wall when they are removed after sitting there for years.
The outcome is a smudge or stain made of letters –his “thoughts”, or his trace inscribed on the wall.

, 2011, detail

Landru, 2012,
pasta letters, wall paint and graphite on wall,
dimensions variable.

Landru is the name of a French serial killer at the beginning of the 20th century, whose crimes were revealed by his own message, which he had hidden in a kitchen cupboard. The work aims at capturing on the wall the accumulation of thought, as the language condenses and expands at the same time, and makes communication impossible.


, 2012, detail




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