Dangerous Liaisons, 2013, detail

Dangerous Liaisons, 2013,
pin-pricks on handmade Japanese paper, 16 drawings,
dimensions variable.

In Dangerous Liaisons, I have used two letters –one of Viscount de Valmont and one from Marquise de Merteuil- from the epistolary novel “Les Liaisons dangereuses” by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. I have used a pin to transcribe those two letters on several pieces of folded Japanese paper. I then unfolded the paper to reveal different random motifs, which allude to decorative embroidery found in linen, or handkerchiefs, and I placed the pieces on the wall, to comment on the two lovers’ seduction web of mischief and pain woven through such delicate and fine material.









The House of Bernarda Alba, 2017,
drawing with pinpricks on paper, 67x115cm




In The House of Bernarda Alba I transcribe excerpts from F.G.Lorca’s theatrical play, using a pin, in order to render the text illegible and form instead a bordure of relief and bass relief text, which refers to embroidery.  

Family Reunion, 2009,
pin-pricks on paper, 70cmx100cm.

In Family Reunion I used an excerpt of T.S.Eliot’s play, and its form simulates that of a table where the family comes together. The text is made by punctures of pin on paper.

Hush, 2009,
pin-pricks on paper, 79cmx59cm

In Hush, I used accounts of dreams, in S.Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams.

Orestes & Iphigenia, 2013,
pin-pricks on paper, 76cm x 110cm

In Orestes and Iphigenia, I have used the dialogue the two siblins have until they recognize each other.

  Ma Chère Maman, 2014,
5 drawings with pin-pricks on Japanese paper, dimensions variable

Ma Chère Maman, 2014, detail


In Ma Chère Maman I have transcribed five letters of Marcel Proust to his mother using a pin to puncture the paper. I folded the paper in various ways as if making an envelope and transcribed each letter using a pin to puncture on each folded paper. When unfolded, the paper reveals a random motif, which alludes to decorative embroidery found in linen, or handkerchiefs.


King Lear, 2012,
pin-pricks on paper, 76cm x 80cm.

Cordelia, 2012,
pin-pricks on paper, 76cm x 80cm.

Ritter, Dene, Voss, 2013,
pin-pricks on paper, 76cm X 115cm



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